Dr. Sketchy’s San Diego February 2014 – Aphrodite’s Revenge

In honor of the month of love, costumers, artists and full time geek girls Ace and Cinsangel pose in Aphrodite’s Revenge.

Aphrodite, goddess of love and sexuality.

Aphrodite’s consort, the metalsmith god Hephaestus.

Dr. Sketchy’s San Diego November 2013 – FAE

Zoe Tantrum, singer, model, actress, performer extraordinaire, poses in our mystical November 2013 session – FAE.

Zoe serenades the crowd with the Diva’s song from “The Fifth Element”.

A Dark Fae.

Dr. Sketchy’s San Diego October 2013 – Valentina in a Vampire’s Paradise

Belly dance, burlesque, hooper, aerialist and more, Valentina (Unity) of Twisted Orbit and The Hoop Unit poses for our October session in A Vampire’s Paradise!

(Photos: Matthew Hohlfeld)

Dr. Sketchy’s San Diego September 2013 – Josie Bunnie

The gorgeous and vivacious Josie Bunnie poses in 3 different looks in our September 2013 session!

(Photos by Matthew Hohlfeld)

Josie in Space


Quite a carrot.


Attack of the Killer Carrots!

Finally, a visit from Mary Magdalene.




Dr. Sketchy’s San Diego August 2013 – Tiki Oasis HulaBilly

Tiki Oasis is an annual 4-day celebration of all things Tiki held in San Diego at the Crowne Plaza. For the 3rd year in a row, our gorgeous model is Marina, the Fire Eating Mermaid.

(Photos by: Matthew Hohlfeld)

Marina got into this year’s them, “HulaBilly”.

“Hang loose!”

Audience participation!


Circus performer, designer, aerialist and artist Jacquie (and Dr. Sketchy’s co-hostess!) poses on her birthday weekend!

“Draw on a square of fabric” contest.

Jacquie slips into her birthday suit.

Itty bitty birthday card contest.

“Wrapping” it up!

Dr. Sketchy’s San Diego July 2013 – In the Ballroom

Uur lovely model for July is the talented Jo Anne Glover, actress, yogi, Founder and Managing Director of MOXIE Theatre!

Our session, In the Ballroom, begins with your party hostess.

A mischievous little girl joins the party!

Draw with squiggles contest!

Someone has to clean up after all this partying.

Hostess Nikki is amused!

Contest time!

Until next time party people!